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V. Padmaja: Guiding her success with ambition

Varun Group has always believed in empowering employees by entrusting them with diverse responsibilities. We strive to instill strong institutional character amongst our employees that demonstrate our values and purpose. We take great pride in their dedication and value them as an integral part of our success.

Today, we would like to feature one of our most decorated employees. Ms. V. Padmaja joined us back in 2000 when she was appointed as a Sales Executive and a Driving Instructor for Ungeared Scooters in Varun Bajaj, an automobile retail division of Varun Group.

Right from the beginning of her career Ms. V. Padmaja has been a very energetic and performance-driven professional. She used to grasp every minute detail from her senior colleagues and tried to implement them in real-time. She gradually got her hold on effective interaction skills and proved her mettle as one of the best sales executives in her division.

Her first major milestone with Varun Group came in the year 2002 when she achieved the highest retails for Ungeared Scooters in Andhra Pradesh. Soon Ms. V. Padmaja paved her way to becoming a Team Leader in 2003 where she crafted various techniques to elevate the performance of her team.

Ms. V. Padmaja set a perfect example of leadership as she led her team from the front to win Best Sales Executive for Ungeared Scooters from Bajaj Auto Ltd. in 2006. After a stint of four successful years as a Team Leader, Ms. V. Padmaja was promoted as a Showroom Manager in 2008.

During her tenure as a Showroom Manager, her work was primarily focused on enhancing customer experience. She streamlined some basic welcome procedures where sales executives would make customers feel at home and help them make satisfactory decisions on their purchases.

Ms. V. Padmaja got promoted as the General Manager - Sales of Varun Bajaj in 2012. Operating with utmost efficiency and experience. She has been instrumental in developing effective sales promotion strategies to overcome the challenges of the competitive 2-wheeler retail industry.

Some of her notable work includes the introduction of free driving classes, conducting customer education meets and hosting dynamic roadshows. Ms. V. Padmaja with her team also initiated the idea of all-women rider rallies to raise awareness against the fear of driving ungeared scooters.

In addition to planning and executing sales promotional activities, Ms. V. Padmaja had also been actively involved in developing an extensive Sales Executive Training Program. The dedicated training program helps new joiners to enhance their sales skills and helps them build a constructive rapport with customers.

Under the stewardship of Ms. V. Padmaja, Varun Bajaj became the market leader in January 2021 with an overall market share of 43%. She also played a pivotal role in Varun Bajaj attaining All India No. 1 spot for NPS (Net Promoter Score) in February 2021.

Her approach to sustain the goodwill with customers is an inspiration to all the young executives. She is a role model for all the women employees who want to achieve more in their careers. She is a leader who leads by example.

She is a true VARUNITE.

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