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Varun Navaratnas: Our Values and Purpose

Varun Group, it’s existence and emergence for over seven decades has been driven by it’s strong value system. Varun Group has touched lakhs of people, who believed, inspired and encouraged the organisation to excel in everything we did. Our values and purposes have nurtured Varun Group’s unique culture.

‘Varun Navaratnas’ is a phrase coined to bring out the significance of our values and purposes. It indicates the strong fundamentals reflecting our commitment towards building a strong organization and to serve the society we are operating in.

Varun Navaratnas consists of 9 value systems that we believe in and adhere to. Let us travel this journey together to understand and unravel the meaning of these core values.

Here are the 9 elements of Varun Navaratnas:

Navaratna #1 – TRUST

Trust is a value that articulates the interdependence in relationships, both personal and professional. It is a powerful asset and it determines and influences the organization’s current and future decisions. Being trustworthy drives performance and Varun Group drives its performance with the trust it has built through its competence and experience.

Varun Group till date has served over 20 million happy customers and has generated employability for over 14000+ people. This amazing accomplishment has been possible only because of the trust that the employees and the customers have bestowed on the Group.

Navaratna #2 – EMPATHY

Empathy revolves around developing a broader vision of the future that extends beyond an organization’s growth. Empathy should be on a higher pedestal inspiring others by achieving a greater vision. Varun Group had clarity towards the path it wanted to take to achieve its greater vision of fulfilling the needs of poor people by providing low-cost medical facilities. To fulfill the vision Mr. V. Prabhu Kishore, Chairman, Varun Group established Varun Health Centres in honour of his parents.

Varun Health Centre is a part of the CSR wing of Varun Group. It has touched over 2.2 million lives with low-cost medical assistance and treatment. Our tenacity to deliver quality and affordable treatment to the ones in need will always remain part of the organization’s core value system.

Navaratna #3 – VISION

India is a developing nation and its youth is sitting at the helm driving the socio-economic development of the country. It is very important for a nation that its youth achieve their highest potential and change the world around them in their own way.

With these thoughts in mind, Varun Group has not only provided the livelihood for over 14000 employees, but also set up Varun Training Institutes for providing the right skills to empower the youngsters to lead a respected life. Varun Training Institutes train over 300 youngsters annually and make them industry ready and also provide them employment.

Navaratna #4 – INTEGRITY

Varun Group has a tradition of ethical conduct spanning since its inception. Varun Group has nurtured its relationships with everyone who support our vision and foster common interests. Our mission is integrated with our responsibilities. Our statement of integrity provides an overarching declaration of our commitment, conduct and accountability.

Our Chairman always believe in the five finger principle namely Employees, Customers, Principals, Bankers and Government. With the highest level of integrity, if these five principles are taken care of then there is nothing that we cannot achieve. Be it running a business with utmost transparency to paying taxes on time. We paid 1382 Cr. taxes in the Financial Year- 2019 becoming one of the highest tax paying business conglomerates.

Navaratna #5 – CONNECTED

Varun Group has a steller network to stay connected with its huge customer base. Varun Group has become a household name and an automobile dealer of choice with its presence across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. With 543 touch points across, Varun Maruti is the largest automobile dealerships in the country. Our expansive network guarantees that we are present whenever and wherever our customers need us.

Navaratna #6 – GROWTH

Varun Group is a leading business conglomerate across key verticals of dealerships to major Automobile manufacturers. Varun Group’s growth and vision has always been aligned with customer satisfaction and it has been built over the years based on trust and goodwill shown by our happy customers. We have serviced over 2 million vehicles and retailed over 1, 72,000+ vehicles annually.

Navaratna #7 – ENTERPRISING

Varun Group has always aimed at offering high-quality experience to its people and to the society. The Group ventured into yet another challenging business of hospitality and entertainment segment. To provide the feel of world-class hospitality and entertainment for the people in Visakhapatnam, Varun Group gave Visakhapatnam its 1st Global 5 Star Deluxe Hotel and Multiplex.

Navaratna #8 – GENDER EQUALITY

Varun Group has provided employability to over 14000 people across locations. It has also strived to create a fair and equal opportunity environment for its employees, irrespective of their gender. Varun Group has over 16% female workforce making it one of the safest and preferred workplaces and has its 1st All-women managed Bajaj showroom in India.

Navaratna #9 HEALTH

Health is Wealth and this statement has great significance in the company’s value system. Our employees are encouraged to maintain a proper work-life balance, exercise regularly, eating healthy and to lead a healthy life. There are various employee welfare schemes introduced to help achieve their health goals. For us, good health is infinite wealth.

Varun Navaratnas, as the name suggests, are the nine precious value systems that we as an organization are proud about. We at Varun Group consistently work together to build an organization which is true to its values and adheres to its purpose every single day.

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