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Varun Training Institute

Varun Training Institutes (VTIs) established in 2011 is part of Valluripalli Kesavarao Navaratnam Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of Varun Group. Varun Group has always been inclined towards activities of skill development and creating livelihoods. Varun Training Institutes were set-up with a mission to create employment opportunities for deserving youth.

Mr. V Prabhu Kishore, Chairman, Varun Group believes that one should have required skill sets complimented with a confident personality to succeed. Hence, keeping up with the ever changing landscape of the industry requirements has become a necessity.

Mr. V Varun Dev, Managing Director, Varun Group has taken the organisation’s vision a step forward with innovative ideas to provide quality learning experience and exposure to students through Varun Training Institutes.

VTI curriculums are designed according to the industry demands and are customized to elevate the overall persona of the students. The program aims to enhance employability of the qualified students.

The first VTI was set up in Visakhapatnam and subsequently three more institutes were established in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Srikakulam.


Applicants to Varun Training Institutes are evaluated based on their passion to learn, meeting the required credentials and by an interview. Candidates with poor financial background are given preference based on merit. The three months course curriculum is designed to improve behavioral and technical skills of the student to become an artisan.

Post admission, students are given a thorough induction session explaining the company values, ethos, culture and workflow. Experienced mentors from Varun Training Institute and Varun Motors ensure that the students will be amply briefed about the curriculum, benefits and professional growth; in addition, all the queries and concerns of the students are clarified prior to commencement of the training.


Students are given an exhaustive range of classroom lessons in which they get to learn theoretical concepts using illustrations and practical training. Soft-skill and behavioral etiquettes in today’s market are as important as their skill sets. Varun Training Institutes ensure to groom the students to the industry requirements and prepare them for the job market.

After successful completion of theory classes, students are taken to practical sessions where they can observe, examine, and learn all the latest technologies. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas which consequently builds their confidence.

The latter phase involves a period of On Job Training (OJT) which as the name suggests offers an on-hand job experience. The difficulties and problems faced by the students during the practice moulds them to face any situational hurdles.

All our 1100+ trained students have also gone through the similar process and have been absorbed in the Varun Group and other organisations.

COVID – 19

COVID – 19 pandemic has caught all of us off-guard as millions lost their jobs and numerous small businesses had to shut shop due to lockdown. As the economies are steadily adjusting to the new normal, industries nowadays are being very specific about the required skill set for the job opportunities.

Our VTIs being completely aware of the situation have started multiple batches across all four locations Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Srikakulam as soon as the lockdown protocols were relaxed. New batches have commenced in Dec 2020. The students will now undergo training for the next three months making them to stand out from the crowd.


After successful completion of VTI training students are offered jobs into different entities of Varun Group’s automobile business. Employees with potential get immense exposure and are promised a consistent career growth.

Salaries and incentives are paid on time and are complemented with accident and medical insurance coverage. Apart from the professional growth, students are instilled with positive attitude, time management skills and discipline.

Varun Training Institutes has trained over 1730 students till date and takes immense pride in playing a part in India’s road to success.

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Mar 13

Sir, Are you provide internship for pre final year Mechanical Engineering Students?


Swathi Pradeep
Swathi Pradeep
Dec 13, 2022

How can i be part of service in this

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